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Original Equipment Manufacturer

Production facilities are designed to meet the demands of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), our latest cutting edge technologies machineries are procured from countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and U.S.A. We have a liquid production capability encompasses a wide range of products that includes creams, liquids, powders, paste and gel, etc. Production flexibility ranges from 5ml to 200 litre / kgs. Liquid packaging varies from sachet to bottle, bottle to PE refill pack, bottle to drum, etc. Powder products from Sachet to bottle, bottle to boxes and boxes to bags are available. Currently, our production capacities for liquid products are at the range of 40 tons to 45 tons daily depend on viscosity and product. And the production capacities for powder base product are about 60 tons to 100 tons daily depending on the complexity. Our wipes production able to produce a wider range of products such as baby wipes, hygienic wipes, alcohol wipes, make up remover wipes, facial wipes, pets cleansing wipes, kitchen wipes and etc. Form of packaging is vary from single sheet individual pack to 10 sheets pack up to 200 sheets pack as well. Multiple packaging materials included canister pack and box pack in varies sheets as customer requirements.

Original Design Manufacturer

Our company equipped with sophisticated R & D equipment, we can provide develop , design and up to manufacturing of products manage by our experienced Chemists form an integral part of HEALTH ICON’s new product development. As our customer are expecting a high standard of quality product, in order to differentials with others products available in the market and providing an exclusivity, we do formulate new formulas for our customers as and when they needed.