Who We Are?

Health Icon was established in year 90’s and the members of the management sitting on the board have more than 18 years of experiences in Pharmaceutical, Body-care, Toiletries, Skin-care, wipes and Household manufacturing and other businesses.

Although our company is small but we are very aggressive, our management and production teams are being well known for its stringent quality control which primary objective is to ensure that the highest quality is met during the processes of manufacturing.
Equipped with few manufacturing plants in hand, the company is able to provide JIT (just in time) and OEM systems to meet our customer requirement all over the world.
The company was awarded the GMP certificate in year 2004 by Singapore HSA, it allow us to produce the toiletries, cosmetics, Wipes products and etc. under the GMP standard set by the Singapore Health Department from Ministry of Health.

Our Mission and Vision ( 企业理念与愿景)

HEALTH ICON strongly enforces the concept of it very own quality policy: “ PREMIUM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BEYOND CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION ”

Achievements (成功案例)

The company has built its name in providing premium products and services to all our value business partners, almost all of which are from the highly competitive and demanding markets like the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Human Resource & Training ( 人事管理与培训 )

Human Resource is the most important “ASSETS” to our company. Indeed satisfied employees will produce premium quality products and services. All well trained and knowledgeable key personnel have been empowered and motivated to handle any critical tasks.


HEALTH ICON is acutely conscious about the well being of our environment. Not only does it ensure that its production does not contaminate the environment, all materials it uses are environmentally friendly and naturally based as far as possible. Environmental Issue is our main concern in any aspect; therefore, we work closing and follow each of every countries regulation on environmental issue, play the rule and committed to be a good citizen and manufacturer.


Manned by experienced chemists and equipped with the latest instruments, stringent quality controls are performed from incoming raw materials to final products. Tests include product identification, physical and chemical properties observation and measurement, biological and chemical contaminations, stability analysis and sensitivity studies.